What is Zamakan?

Zamakan is the MENA region's first curate, high-qualitypodcast platformand ad network.
Our aim is to increase discoverability of regional audio content and create the Arab world’s first podcast ads marketplace, tailor specifically to the needs of the digital audio format. Zamakan is the Arab World first podcast ads marketplace.
Joining Zamakan will elevate your marketing strategy, boosting your outreach and monetization efforts by advertising through your podcast. It’s about time to boost and elevate your marketing strategy, how? By advertising through Podcast.
With Zamakan, you can create advertisements unique and specific to your brand and podcast, and stream it on multiple platforms to reach hundreds of thousands of listeners across the region and the world. Here you can create a unique audio ad and stream it through multiple platforms reaching hundred of thousand of listeners across the Arab region and the world.
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Why Podcast?

According to Internet-Ad-Revenue-Report (IAB): Audio on mobile devices grew 25.3% in large part due to the growth of podcasts
Reach niche audience with different interests and personas
Creative audio ads
Podcast content is mostly evergreen content
Boosting brand awareness
Push landing pages in your websites

What’s in it for you?

Advertising through podcast made easy
Connect with the top audio producer from the Arab region
Sound different not repetitive
An alternative way for direct reach

What can you promote through Podcasts?

Your story, and the value of your brand and service to the audience
New Products or features in you app
A new campaign you're working on to support a certain cause

How does it work?

Zamakan offers a number of Sponsorship options, through which you can convey many unique and authentic marketing messages
Are you looking for a sponsorship (full season)
Branded Content about your brand or company
Starting your own podcast show to support your brand
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